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No Lindsey, it was a sign of strength that some people just don’t understand! - this tweet is positive
The New York Times is now blaming an editor for the horrible mistake they made in trying to destroy or influence Ju… - this tweet is negative - this tweet is neutral
Such a beautiful Opening Statement by Corey Lewandowski! Thank you Corey! @CLewandowski_ - this tweet is positive
RT @WhiteHouse: John Adams called the drafting of the Constitution—the bedrock of the rule of law for our Nation—"the greatest single effor… - this tweet is positive
Just departed New Mexico for California, where we are delivering results! - this tweet is neutral
....”That story (Kavanaugh) is nowhere near the standard that should be met in publishing a story.” @brithume @FoxNews - this tweet is neutral
The New York Times is at its lowest point in its long and storied history. Not only is it losing a lot of money, bu… - this tweet is negative
If you want to stop the drug smugglers, human traffickers, and vicious MS-13 gang members from threatening our comm… - this tweet is negative
We are all united by the same love of Country, the same devotion to family, and the same profound faith that Americ… - this tweet is positive
Beautiful evening in New Mexico with Great American Patriots! - this tweet is positive
RT @WhiteHouse: Oil production is up an incredible 110 percent—PLUS, New Mexico's entire mining and logging sector has seen a 40 percent in… - this tweet is neutral
RT @WhiteHouse: Business creation is thriving in New Mexico! - this tweet is neutral
RT @FLOTUS: Proud to recognize Mariano Rivera at the @WhiteHouse today to receive the Medal of Freedom. We celebrate his incredible career… - this tweet is positive
KEEP AMERICA GREAT! - this tweet is positive
On my way to New Mexico — see you all shortly at the @StarCenter! #KAG2020 - this tweet is neutral
...She can never recover, and will never return to Greatness, under current Management. The Times is DEAD, long live The New York Times! - this tweet is negative
I call for the Resignation of everybody at The New York Times involved in the Kavanaugh SMEAR story, and while you’… - this tweet is negative
RT @WhiteHouse: Earlier: President @realDonaldTrump welcomed the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the Oval Office!… - this tweet is positive
“How many stories are wrong? Almost all of the stories the New York Times has done are inaccurate and wrong.”… - this tweet is neutral